Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"All cats old enough to catch their own prey please gather beneath the TallRock for a clan meeting!" Rosestar's voice echoed around the clearing as cats started to rise from their spots and gather below her. "It has come to me we have apprentices who should become warriors!" Her meow was filled with warmth. "Lilypaw, Scorchpaw, Lakepaw, Creampaw, Volepaw, Cherrypaw, Thornpaw, and Thunderpaw shall now become apprentices!I ask StarClan to look down on these apprentices and accept their new names!" She looked down at the happy apprentices.
"From this moment on Lilypaw, you shall be known as Lilypetal." Meows of welcome came from below.
"Lakepaw! You shall be now known as Lakebreeze." Meows warmed the young cats heart.
"Creampaw, you shall be known as Creamspots." Welcoming meows accepted Creamspots' new name.
"Scorchpaw you shall be now known as Scorchfire! We welcome you as a warrior!"
"Volepaw, you shall be known as Voleshatter." Voleshatter beamed at his new name.
"Cherrypaw, you shall be known as Cherryblaze." Her eyes warmed and she looked to her brother who was recieving his name.
"Thunderpaw, you will be now known as Thunderstrike." He smiled and ran to his sister to congratulate her.
"Lastly, Thornpaw! You shall be now known as Thornfur." Meows welcomed all the new apprentices.

Thornfur! Thunderstrike! Cherryblaze! Voleshatter! Creamspots! Lakebreeze! Lilypetal! Scorchfire!
Thornfur! Thunderstrike! Cherryblaze! Voleshatter! Creamspots! Lakebreeze! Lilypetal!Scorchfire!

Also. Blackberryleaf will be moving to the nursery with her kits. Grizzlykit, Berrykit, and Leopardkit.

She smiled once more. "Strongkit! Lilykit! Petalkit! Frostkit and Mistkit! Please come up here!" She meowed. "You are all 6 moons old now!" The kits realized what was going to happen and they started to bounce around. There was a warning his from Vineberry, one of the queens, and they stopped.

"From this moment on Lilykit, you will be Lilypaw! Your mentor will be Troutriver!"
[Troutriver and Lilypaw touch noses]

"Strongkit from this moment on you will be Strongpaw! Your mentor will be Windfeather!"
[Windfeather and Strongpaw touch noses]

"Petalkit from this moment on until you recieve your warrior name you will be known as Petalpaw! You mentor will be the newly named Lakebreeze!" Yowls of surprise came from below.
[Lakebreeze and Petalpaw touch noses]

"Frostkit from this moment on until you recieve your warrior name you will be known as Frostpaw, you mentor will be Hawkgaze!"
[Hawkgaze and Frostpaw touch noses]

"Lastly! Mistkit from this moment on until you recieve your warrior name you will be known as Mistpaw!" Her eyes shined. "Your mentor will be me!"
[Mistpaw bounced up to Rosestar and touched her nose to hers]

Strongpaw! Lilypaw! Petalpaw! Frostpaw! Mistpaw!
Strongpaw! Lilypaw! Petalpaw! Frostpaw! Mistpaw!

"That is all!" She lept from the TallRock and trotted over to Sootstorm.


We have new allies! Please welcome Maplestar from MapleClan. Silverstar from BrookClan. Nightstar from NightClan and Foreststar from HeartClan! We shall treat them with respect and ask them for help if needed!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Cats

All cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the HighStone for a clan meeting! As you all know SteamClan is growing! We have two warriors joining our ranks. Blackberryleaf, and uhm.. Turdnose.. We also have two kits and one apprentice with us today. Thorn, Frost, and Mist. They are rouge cats who lost there mother and i plan for you to welcome them. Any queen shall look after them. Besides Thorn. The kits shall be now known as Mistkit and Frostkit and Thorn should be known as Thornpaw until he will earn his warrior name. Crowshade you shall be Thronpaw's mentor. Teach him all you know. That is all! No it is not! There will be a fierce battle raging soon. Petal of a falling rose and roar of a Lion shall destroy the things that lurk in SteamClan! A voice echoed around Rosestar and she looked around and no one was near her. She shrugged and walked over to Sootstorm.


Monday, April 26, 2010


SteamClan is growing! Thank you for joining! We also have 4 new apprentices. Cherrypaw, Thunderpaw, Volepaw, and Creampaw! Your mentors are:
and also there is one other apprentice; Whiskerpaw. But he has chosen the path of a medicine cat and is now training to become a healer with Maplestream! Take care of your apprentices, mentors!


Sunday, April 25, 2010


We have a new ally! MountainClan! Although they are out allies do not cross there borders unless you want an attack! We are now allies with MapleClan too! Thank you Maplestar! :D

(if you want any of your clans as allies for SteamClan comment below!)

Border Patrol

Border Patrol! We share our borders with MountainClan! If you cross it you will get in trouble, you will be lucky if it is from SteamClan!

The forest! To hunt, walk, or relax at!

Shinning Meadow

Where the warriors can ask each other to be mates! Apprentices and Kits can only have crushes. Apprentices may have kits. Not right away though! They have to be atleast 9 moons old!

The meadow is beautiful with wild flowers everywhere and a small creek to sit beside with a special someone!

Training Hollow

The training hollow. Where the warriors teach the apprentices!

You can find the elder's here. They won't mind telling a story or two.

Apprentice's Den

The Apprentice's can be found here after a hard day caring for the clan and training to be warriors.

Warrior's Den

Medicine Cat's Den

You can find Maplestream and Whiskerpaw here, mixing herbs and healing the sick and injured.

The Leader's Den

You can find Rosestar here. Don't be afraid to talk to her!


The nursing queens, kits, and expecting queens are here.


Description (no blue, purple, red, whatever pelted cats, make them realistic!):