Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Cats

All cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the HighStone for a clan meeting! As you all know SteamClan is growing! We have two warriors joining our ranks. Blackberryleaf, and uhm.. Turdnose.. We also have two kits and one apprentice with us today. Thorn, Frost, and Mist. They are rouge cats who lost there mother and i plan for you to welcome them. Any queen shall look after them. Besides Thorn. The kits shall be now known as Mistkit and Frostkit and Thorn should be known as Thornpaw until he will earn his warrior name. Crowshade you shall be Thronpaw's mentor. Teach him all you know. That is all! No it is not! There will be a fierce battle raging soon. Petal of a falling rose and roar of a Lion shall destroy the things that lurk in SteamClan! A voice echoed around Rosestar and she looked around and no one was near her. She shrugged and walked over to Sootstorm.


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