Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shinning Meadow

Where the warriors can ask each other to be mates! Apprentices and Kits can only have crushes. Apprentices may have kits. Not right away though! They have to be atleast 9 moons old!

The meadow is beautiful with wild flowers everywhere and a small creek to sit beside with a special someone!


  1. ~*Wavecrow*~

    *looks for her mate while her kits Creampaw and Volepaw sits beside her*


    *sits by Troutriver and talks to him while they look for their mates*

  2. ~Finchpelt

    *came running in and stopped when he saw Creampaw and Volepaw; his eyes widened* They are big now! *he smiled and ran to his mate and licked her cheek happily*


    *she saw Troutriver and grinned* How have you been? *she walked over to him*


    *he ran to Dewshadow* Hi *waved his tail in greeting*

  3. i needa mate

  4. RoseStar ILOVE YOU

  5. I have a mate Crowshade. Sorry